Surgery Information

Thank you for making an appointment with us. Please find some information and instructions about the surgery below. Please have a read through this before the day of the surgery. Feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns.


  • Remove your pets food at 9pm the night before the surgery and water at 7am on the day of surgery.
  • With regards to cats, consider how you are going to transport them to the clinic. We recommend a cat cage. It is compulsory, for your cats safety, that they are contained in a carrier when entering the clinic. If you do not own a cat carrier please call 3288 6988 upon reaching the car park & we will bring out a cat cage.
  • Please allow 15-20 minutes to drop off your pet as all patients receive a physical examination prior to undergoing a general anaesthetic.
  • Please note that if fleas are present at admission or your pet does not have current flea control they will be treated with Capstar at an additional cost of $8.00. Capstar starts to act within 30 minutes but only lasts 24 hours. This prevents your pet from acquiring fleas during their visit or passing on fleas to any other patients. Fleas running across the surgical site also compromises sterility.
  • All surgery prices are inclusive of pre-anaesthetic examination, complimentary nail trim, long-acting antibiotic injection (desexings) & 24 hours pain relief (desexings). Please note that at Raceview Veterinary Surgery we do not compromise our standards and only use the best quality anaesthetic agents. All pets receive a meal following surgery.
  • We try to keep our prices as low as possible to make veterinary care accessible everyone. However, for those owners wishing to provide their pets with the gold standard of care we also offer
Extra 2 days Pain relief (included in desexings)$12-$21 (based on weight)Extra pain relief speeds up the healing process & makes the patient’s recovery more comfortable.
Pre-anaesthetic blood testK9 $162.60

Fel $149.40

Pre-anaesthetic blood testing is an added safety precaution prior to anaesthetising your pet as it helps to pick up any internal problems.  If any problems are detected the treatment plan is adjusted accordingly.  It is advisable in all patients but compulsory in seniors.


Intravenous Fluids

(included in desexing)

$85.00All anaesthetic agents drop the blood pressure.  IV fluids help to maintain your pets blood pressure during the procedure ensuring adequate perfusion of the essential organs.  It also provides the anaesthetist with an IV access port in case of an emergency.  IV fluids are advisable in all patients but compulsory in seniors and many dentals.


  • We also recommend an Elizabethan Collar (included in desexing). Costs are between $8-$44.
  • Please inform the nurse or veterinarian admitting your pet if you wish for your pet to receive any or all of the above. If your pet is not up to date with vaccinations, worming, flea control or heartworm prevention or has not been microchipped this can also be performed on the day of the surgery.
  • Animals undergoing surgery will have a clipped region over the surgery & injection sites. Desexing patients will also have a tattoo in their left ear.


We request that owners call the clinic at 3:30pm on the day of the surgery to find out what time your pet will be ready for pick up. Provided there are no emergencies, patients are usually ready for collection before 5:30pm. Payment is required at the time of collection.
You will receive a set of comprehensive discharge notes. Owners may wish to make arrangements in advance to ensure that surgical patients are kept quiet and confined in the days following the procedure.