Dr Belinda Dare BVSc

Head Veterinarian and Clinic Owner

I graduated from UQ in 1985 & opened the Raceview Veterinary Surgery eight years later in 1993.  I am particularly passionate about surgery and feline medicine.  I lead a very busy life – running a business, practicing as a veterinarian & trying to keep up with my husband & three lovely children.  I have two dogs – a cattle dog cross named Pablo who is full of mischief & the terror Jack Russell named Bob.  I also have 2 cats named Cuckoo and Molly



Jacob Doohan

4th Year Veterinary Student



Kaitlin Klease

Veterinary Nurse

Graduating in 2019 with my Bachelor of Veterinary Technology, i was incredibly lucky to start my nursing career with the girls at Raceview Vets. i have a particular interest in wildlife and exotics, but have a passion for all animals, whether they have scales, feathers or fur. I have snakes and lizards at home, as well as 5 beautiful cats named Phillip, Remus, Anakin, Nimbus and Appa. I have just welcomed my rescued Grey Hound named Mavis.





Julia Diaz

Veterinary Nurse

I am a wife and mother of two. My mother Maria used to work for Belinda when I was younger and I have followed in her footsteps. I love my job as everyday is different, you never know what the day will bring. I find helping animals very rewarding. I have a very placid Shar Pei named Oso who is very loving, a very fluffy cat named Belle and my very affectionate cat named Lucas.



Amanda Jurd

Veterinary Nurse

I am a mother of two girls. I have been working in the vet industry for nearly 18 years in both NSW and QLD. I love my job and the variety of opportunity it provides for me. I enjoy the close connections I form with our clients through the love of their pets. I have many animals that keep me on my toes. I adopted my mischievous cat,  Felix from work, my full of life Jack Russell Boston, and the newest member Elliot the cute little Burmese.



Lysa Fox

Book Keeper

Lacey Hill