The Raceview Veterinary Surgery is a privately run clinic owned by Dr Belinda Dare. She has been looking after the pets of Ipswich since she first opened the clinic in 1993.

During that time we have cared for thousands of dogs and cats and have had the pleasure of watching our patients grow from boisterous young puppies and kittens into beloved silver-muzzled seniors. When you and your pet visit the Raceview Veterinary Surgery you are not just a face in the crowd, you are a valued client and are greeted by name. We have also helped re-home number of foster kittens and animals left in our care.

Our staff all genuinely care about animals and their welfare and will work together with you to ensure your pet receives the highest standard of patient care. Don’t be fooled by the quaint cottage exterior, the Raceview Veterinary Surgery is fully fitted with consulting and surgery facilities. The clinic also has a range of equipment to help look after your pet.

We are also very passionate about our environment and sustainability. We have several ways we are changing our clinic to be more Eco-friendly. We recycle all our hard and soft plastics from packages and syringes. We have moved to paperless in 90% of our forms. Here are some of the companies that help make our clinic.

Royal Canin runs a recycle program for their bags through Terra Cycle. We offer 0.50c off your next purchase when you bring your food bag back for recycling.

Who gives a crap supplies our toilet paper, tissues and paper towel for the clinic. Products

Bio Bags supplies our garbage bags for the clinic and we also have disposable dog waste bags for sale.

We have a toy range from the Clean Earth Collection from Spunky Pup. These toys are made from recycled plastics and can be recycled after use. Australia

In clinic we have a range of collars, leads and treats from Anipal. These collars and leads are made out of recycled plastics and brass hardware. 




We support the following organisations.

B1G1 is an organisation that helps turn our transactions into donations to help around the world with charities and organisations.

Veterinarians for Climate Action represent concerned veterinarians, veterinary nurses, practices and industry partners across Australia who want climate action

Only.One has a mission to tackle ocean health and fight climate change.

Our donation works towards planting mangroves, coral and reducing carbon.